Gone but not forgotten...

This page is dedicated to the memory of good friends who were given to us so that we might not journey alone. They walked a part of life’s way with us and now, their way has been completed. Some were called home very soon, long ago, and some only recently. These friends have gathered in heavenly places and are not only removed from us but are part of a great cloud of witnesses that actually cheer us on as we continue to live and journey together. We remember them as we see their faces and we give thanks for their lives. They are "gone but not forgotten".


Francille Adams Andy Albright Rick Appling Eddie Bailey Joe Booth Patsy Bowling
Pat Bracken Glen Brice Terry Broughton Sandra Channell Robert Cook Jerome Dockery
Bill Dyer Vicki Dyer Terry Elmore Steve Gann Diane Gast Debra Hamler
James Hagler Joe Harris Freddie Hinton Rita Jacobs Harrison Jefferson Billy Joe Johnson
R.L. Jones Theresa Kizziah Reggie Lancaster Faye Lewis Billy McLain Donald Montgomery
Donald Montgomery Pat Norris Sheila Odom John O'Hanlon Joe Perdue Jerry Pope
Ava Prewitt Frank Pruett Ronnie Rainey Ronald Reese Henry Rice Terry Rodgers
Steve Simpson Steve Simpson Roy SmalleyRoy Smalley Franklin SmithFranklin Smith Johnny Sutton Donald Thomas Jerry Thomas
Mike Thornton Johnny Tierce Donny Toxey Preston Van Horn Shirley Watts Tommy Whitbeck
Jerry White Ray Woods Patsy Wyatt Ronnie Wyatt Jimmy Yessick





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