The 35th Anniversary Reunion souvenir booklet is available for purchase at $3.00 per copy. This booklet contains the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all classmates who could be located prior to the Reunion. It also includes a copy of our Graduation Program, the May 22, 1970 article from THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS, the Alma Mater, list of Married Classmates, list of Deceased Classmates and contact information for members of the Planning Committee. To order your copy of this valuable resource, contact Classmate Bill Norwood at or call 205-339-9387.

Videos of the 10 & 20-year and the 30 & 35-year reunions are available for purchase in VHS ($10.00) or DVD ($15.00) format. The 10/20 video contains a series of still images from the 1969 Tuscohi yearbook as well as the 10-year reunion. It also features stills and video from all events held during the 20-year reunion celebration. This project was produced by Classmate Teresa Skurka Davis. The 30/35 video takes a brief look back at the 30-year reunion through a small sample still images taken at the Saturday evening dance held at Indian Hills Country Club. In addition, it features extensive video of the 35-year reunion held on May 7 including the musical "skits" and other classmate "performances". Thanks to Classmate Vicki Dyer Richardson for coordinating this project. Prices include shipping and handling; payment must accompany your order. Orders for either or both of these "memories" may be sent to:

Allyson West
2505 4th Avenue East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401



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You can add the school logo to almost any Lands' End item. Simply visit Lands' End and place an order using the preferred school number: 900105792. TCHS receives a portion of the proceeds, too!

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