Contact the Web Site Committee

The Web Site Committee welcomes your thoughts and suggestions as to additional features you would like to see incorporated into our web site. If you have questions or concerns pertaining to this site or upcoming events, they may be addressed to:

Rick Appling, ex officio Northport, AL
339-5784 H

394-4058 C

758-8777 W

758-5025 Fax

Vicki Dyer Richardson
Tuscaloosa, AL
344-5518 H
348-8003 W
344-0140 C

Diane Gast Ballard
Tuscaloosa, AL
242-7073 C

Brenda Goodloe McAteer
Northport, AL
330-2531 H
342-0077 W
361-3987 C

Bill Norwood, Chair
Northport, AL
339-9387 H
339-6849 M
394-9387 C
339-9489 Fax

Gary Spencer
Tuscaloosa, AL
345-8846 H
349-0567 W
799-9931 C

The TCHS Class of 1970 Planning Committee
Rick Appling, Rick Besant, Vicki Dyer Richardson, Diane Gast Ballard, Ray Glenn, Brenda Goodloe McAteer, William Leavell, Bill Norwood, Ken Richardson, Sandra Rushing Pike, Linda Sellers Smalley, Gary Spencer, Gail Sanford Tunnell





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