Alumni-owned Businesses

The businesses advertising here, owned by TCHS alumni, have been very supportive of our efforts to launch the TCHS Class of 1970 web site. Your patronage of these businesses will help to ensure their continued support of this endeavor.

Chuck Gerdau
Class of 1982


Johnny Gray
Class of 1968

Joe Barger
Class of 1967

Ray Glenn
Class of 1970

Joel Dorroh
Class of 1985

Eddie Jackson
Class of 1976

Jeff Couch
Class of 1970

Phillip Williams
Class of 1986

Mike Hannah
Class of 1975
Tommy Brown
Class of 1978

Terry Carlton Bassett
Class of 1970

Glenn Poole Nelson
Class of 1970

Joe Hardy
Class of 1969

John Tinklepaugh
Class of 1969 

Rick Besant
Class of 1970

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