Our Teachers

In recognition of the faculty and administration who did their best to provide us with a safe and fun time during our high school years.

Donna D. Aaron
Sonny Aaron
Kathleen G. Agee
Edwina Aldredge
Charlotte Anderson
Ezell Banks
Mary Emma Barnes
Carolyn Beasley
Gladys Berry
Marjorie Billups
Robert K. Boggess
Hazel Branyon (Office)
Stella M. Brownlee
Shirley G. Clements
Langdon Conaway
Sylvester Croom
Rose S. Darden
Warren A. Davis
Ralph Dorroh
Sarah H. Faucett
Willie Foster
Marilyn G. Goodman
Michael Griffin
Daniel Hargrove

Fay S. Hodorowski
Jewel Howard
Sammy V. Hughes
Sandra F. Hunter
Betty Lou Johnson
Carol Kimbrough
Ronald Lett
Beverly Lockridge
Avanelee May
Flora A. McElroy

Adrian McKinzey
Judy Milner
Roland L. Mouchette
Pauline Neighbors
Myrtle Old
Bruce Palmore
Ernest Palmore
Dan L. Pitts
Edith Pool
Joseph Allen Ray
Judy Robbins
Richard M. Smith
Treva A. Smith
Donald Springer
Rosiland Stanley
Perry Standridge
E. H. Stewart
Elaine Stripling
Max Stripling
Frank Thompson
Julia E. Thornton
Isabella Trussell
James Tyree
Clara M. Vickers
Carol B. Watson
Jessie Ann Weaver
Mary P. Whaley
Randa R. Wheat
Beverly White
Mary Dell White
Laurene Williams
Gerald Wright
Sally Woods

George D. Hataway (Principal)
Sara Newton (Lunchroom)
Grady Rotenberry (Custodian)
Bobby Ray Walker (Asst Principal)








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